Period Products & Resources

  • Luna Cup

    Washable, reusable menstrual cups.

  • Luna Pads

    Washable, reusable pads.

  • Diva Cup

    Eco-friendly and cost- effective menstrual cups. 

  • Lola

    Full list of menstrual products and information, from first periods to hot flashes.

  • Thinx

    Period underwear and swimwear.


  • Knixteen

    Period underwear.

  • The Honest Company

     A range of non-toxic, eco-friendly products for body, beauty, and home, including organic cotton tampons.


    Pads & Information of ending period poverty.

  • Ruby Love

    Period underwear, swimwear and more for teens, women and men.

  • Oborganic

    Organic tampons with or without an applicator.

  • Tampax Organic

    Organic tampons. 

  • Natracare Organic

    Organic tampons. 

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