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Advocacy & Resources

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SSSH! Periods

"Sssh! Periods" this awesome podcast created by 8th-grade students and their teacher Sheztaz Huq, empowers teens to challenge period shame and stigma and educate their peers and others!    Tune in and enjoy it!

One Circle Foundation

One Circle Foundation promotes resiliency in children and youth, families, adults, and communities by offering circle program models that create, restore, and sustain healthy relationships. One Circle Foundation recognizes that healthy relationships are the core element to a healthy individual, family, society, and world.
We envision a world with an available and accessible “circle for every girl and young woman, and a council for every boy and young man.”
We train, consult, and equip service providers to implement research-based circle program models and best practice evidence-based approaches to increase capacities and build healthy relationships.


Nadya Okamoto is committed to making a difference for girls and women living in period poverty. Nadya experienced homelessness during her teenage years, and she found that one of the many struggles homeless girls and women face is access to period products.To address this need, in 2004, when she was sixteen, Nadya started the nonprofit with her friend Vincent Forand. It has become the largest youth-run nonprofit for women’s health, fighting period poverty and period stigma through education and advocacy!
To learn more about Nadya Okamoto, you can watch her TEDx Talk (link below) or visit the website, where you can also click on “Get Involved” to find out about volunteering or starting your own chapter.

The Pad Project

The Pad Project’s mission is to create and cultivate local and global partnerships to end period stigma and to empower women worldwide.
Through innovation, education, and advocacy,  The Pad Project aims to help move towards a world where girls feel empowered in their bodies, achieve economic independence, understand their reproductive and sexual health options, and harness the power to shape their lives.  To learn more go to:  
The Film: PERIOD. END OF SENTENCE. aims to inspire people everywhere to think globally and recognize the impact young women can have. The film screened across the U.S. at film festivals in 2018 and premiered on Netflix in February 2019. It follows the women of Kathikhera, a village outside of New Delhi, India, as they install a machine and sell their pads throughout their district.

Period Equity is the nations first law and policy organization fighting for mentrual equity-committed to ensuring that period products are affordable, safe and available to those in need. 

Our Village Circles offers timely online support circles and empowerment programs, engaging moms of middle schoolers and others to harness collective knowledge and skills for healthy relationships and development in challenging times.

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